Pneumatic Screen Clamps

This upgrade includes a conversion kit to Pneumatic Screen Clamps for all fully automated DEK stencil printer with adjustable screen mount (ASM).


The weak point of the system, the traction cable, will be eliminated so the clamping can work maintenance and wear free.


The upgrade consists of 4 pneumatic cylinder units and all necessary small parts. The geometric dimensions correspond to those of the existing clamping, so that a perfect functioning of the ASM can still be ensured.


The advantages
  • No more machine standstill because of torn traction cable
  • Minimize the wear of the system
  • Fast changeover to different frame thicknesses
  • Easy installation (ca. 1 h) 
  • Upgradeable for all DEK printer with adjustable screen mount (ASM)
  • Short Return of Invest


Product contents:

4 x Pneumatic-Cylinder-Unit

4 x adapter plate for 30 mm frames

4 x adapter plate for 25 mm frames

1 x pressure regulator

1 x installation manual

1 x small parts package


Supported screen frame thickness:

25 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm


Supported machines:

All DEK stencil printer with ASM, such as: 

  • DEK ELA / Horizon
  • DEK Horizon 01/02/03
  • DEK Horizon 01i/02i/03i
  • DEK Europa / Galaxy
  • DEK Horizon 01ix/02ix/03ix

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