Paste Height Controller


The task of the Paste Height Controller is to keep the amount of paste on the stencil during the printing process at a constant height. For this, the thickness of the paste roll is measured on the stencil by a laser beam. The functioning is similar to a light barrier.


When falling below the previously set height, solder paste will be automatic/manual dispensed. After several falling below the threshold in a row, an alarm will be triggered. The machine stops and outputs an indication of non-sufficient solder paste.


With the Paste Height Controller misprints can be prevented and the profit can be improved.


The advantages

  • Improves the print quality – no printing of boards with insufficient paste
  • Reduces the work process by an optimal refilling
  • Minimize the paste wastage  
  • Easy to use, easy to install  
  • Upgradeable for all DEK printer 
  • Short Return of Invest

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