HawkEye - High-Speed-Camera


With the automatic print verification technology HawkEye a board can be controlled over a large area and in a very short time on sufficient solder paste. The closed-Loop-Application provides the possibility of reworks in real time upon detection of incorrect printed boards.

The High- and Ultra-High-Speed Cameras HawkEye 750 und HawkEye 1700 scan with a maximum speed of

750 mm²/second respectively 1700 mm²/second.


The Advantages
  • improved print quality 
  • simple operation, fast programming 
  • minimization of the error rate
  • cost-effective alternative to Inline-AOI 
  • upgradeable for all DEK printer
  • short Return of Invest



Because of the verification of all boards, HawkEye can decide in predefined areas, whether a print is suitable or not for production. The limits (bad/good) will be specified by the operator and they can be changed at any time in the process to meet the needs. To not increase the cycle time of the line, the operator can determine the number of boards, which should be verified (for example: every third board).


If a printing error has been detected, the machine will stop, so the operator can remove the board or has the choice between the following restore actions:

    • new print
    • dispense paste
    • clean stencil



The paste verification based on the comparison of images. Before producing a "clean" board is used to set up the required image areas.


After all areas have been set up, the board will be printed. The verification takes plase by scanning the areas with the camera and detacting the image data. In every area now the operator can set the acceptance limits (warning and error limits). The board will be removed from the machine and the production can start.


During production, the defined areas of all printed boards are scanned. The results are compared with the error limits previously set and displayed on the monitor.


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